Penco Locker Rebate Program

This program is exclusive to our Laundry & Uniform Customers. The benefits of the Penco's Rebate Locker Program over Rebuilding Programs include:

  • New Lower Pricing for all Locker Types without having used lockers in your inventory
  • Additional savings in the form of a rebate for each locker retuned back to Penco
  • A special freight included price for orders that include a minimum of 4 lockers
  • All lockers are brand-new, ensuring that each installation has a consistent look of quality
  • Lockers are available in Penco’s environmentally friendly Silver Vein or Gray powder coat finish

Additional benefits of doing business with Penco Products include...

  • Products ship from 12 locations in the U.S.
  • Most Penco distribution centers deliver in a Penco operated truck
  • Penco Products is the largest locker manufacturer in the world, so we enjoy tremendous economies of scale over the competition
Our Location
Our Location

Penco Products, Inc.
1820 Stonehenge Drive,
Greenville NC 27858

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Contact Us

Phone: 800-562-1000
Fax: 800-248-1555

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