Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles

Penco offers touch-up paint in all 24 of our standard colors. The 3 types of applicators assist in creating a seamless touch-up. Choose from: spray cans, pens, or bottles with the confidence that all touch-up paint is a 100% color match to Penco's powder coat finish.

  • Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles
  • Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles
  • Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles
  • Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles
  • Touch Up Paint Pens & Bottles

Touch Up Paint Pens and Bottles are available in all of Penco 24 Designer Colors.

The metal barrel Paint Pens (0.33 oz.) with a valve activated chisel-tip, ship from the Penco manufacturing plant in Hamilton, NC. Paint Bottles (1 oz.) ship from East Hanover, NJ. Both ship in approximately 10 business days.

  • Multiple use pen applicator
  • High quality, industrial-strength acrylic enamel
  • Fast drying time - within 15 minutes
  • Solvent base - cleanup with Xylene or Acetone

Store recapped pens and bottles in a cool, dark area for optimal performance. A minimum order of two (2) pens or bottles of the same color is required.

Penco's 12 oz. spray paint cans are formulated with a fast-drying paint and are printed with the manufactured date.

Touch Up Paint
Pen Cat. No. Bottle Cat. No. Spray Can Item No. Color
2PEN012 2BCB012 97012Z 012 Tawny Tan
2PEN021 2BCB021 97021Z 021 Gray Ash
2PEN028 2BCB028 97028Z 028 Gray
2PEN052 2BCB052 97052Z 052 Reflex Blue
2PEN054 2BCB054 97054Z 054 Canvas
2PEN055 2BCB055 97055Z 055 Shamrock
2PEN056 2BCB056 97056Z 056 Sunburst
2PEN058 2BCB058 97058Z 058 Nordic Purple
2PEN073 2BCB073 97073Z 073 Champagne
2PEN701 2BCB701 97701Z 701 Spray Green
2PEN710 2BCB710 97710Z 710 Sagebrush Yellow
2PEN715 2BCB715 97715Z 715 Lake Blue
2PEN720 2BCB720 97720Z 720 Mandarin Orange
2PEN722 2BCB722 97722Z 722 Patriot Red
2PEN723 2BCB723 97723Z 723 Light Putty
2PEN736 2BCB736 97736Z 736 Burgundy
2PEN767 2BCB767 97767Z 767 Cardinal Red
2PEN806 2BCB806 97806Z 806 Marine Blue
2PEN812 2BCB812 97812Z 812 Hunter Green
2PEN822 2BCB822 97822Z 822 Regal Blue
2PEN826 2BCB826 97826Z 826 Slate Blue
2PEN848 2BCB848 97848Z 848 January White
2PEN949 2BCB949 97949Z 949 Jet Black
2PEN952 2BCB952 97952Z 952 Turquoise Teal
Color NumberColor NameColor
021Gray Ash
723Light Putty
012Tawny Tan
701Spray Green
952Turquoise Teal
812Hunter Green
715Lake Blue
823Slate Blue
806Marine Blue
052Reflex Blue
822Regal Blue
058Nordic Purple
710Sagebrush Yellow
720Mandarin Orange
722Patriot Red
767Cardinal Red
848January White
949Jet Black

NOTE: Colors shown are as close to actual finishes as the printing process allows. Do not make your final color selection based on the color shade shown on this page. Penco Color Charts are available for a more accurate color match. Exposure to high humidity, chlorine salts, abrasive cleaners, germicidal cleaners and acids can damage the finish and will void the guarantee. For outdoor applications or other harsh environmental conditions, contact your Penco Representative.

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