August 18, 2010

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SKIPPACK, PA - Meet Bruce Woodward, Vice President of Operations for Penco's two manufacturing facilities located in Hamilton, NC and Salt Lake City, UT. His mission? Make Penco a leader in manufacturing, not just when compared to other storage product manufacturers, but in the community of manufacturing itself.

Woodward joined Penco in October of 2007 as a key member of Gregory P. Grogan’s (President and COO) new executive management team. Woodward brought with him 37 years of progressive manufacturing experience, most notably with Volkswagon and Chrysler in the automotive industry. At the time, the manufacturing score at Penco was industry best in terms of performance and quality, but not up to world class manufacturing standards and certainly not up to Woodward's expectations.

Today Penco is a model of excellence in the world of manufacturing; routinely shipping 99% of orders (from both plants) on time, and 100% of those orders are shipped complete. And don't forget, this is accomplished with remarkable and industry best lead times throughout the 2010 Summer School Construction Season!

“Woodward and his team have consistently improved the quality, on-time shipments, and productivity of Penco’s two manufacturing facilities…month after month,” states Grogan. “And the biggest beneficiaries are our customers who depend on orders being delivered on time…especially when Penco’s lockers and shelving have been specified for large school or distribution center construction projects.”

According to Woodward, there wasn’t one “silver bullet” that enabled Penco to achieve these stunning manufacturing metrics. It started with something as simple as attention to details: managing each step of the manufacturing process to make sure every component was made correctly and on time. The focus then shifted to ramping up the powder-coat paint line outputs from 189 lbs per man-hour to over 500 lbs per man-hour, vis-a-vis line density improvement projects. Next came the implementation of multi-faceted packing and shipping processes that insured accurate piece-counts and quality control.

Woodward also points out that creating metrics to measure the results of their efforts was a critical part of the improvement process. Their metrics helped guide everyone in the right direction for continuous improvement the way it is meant to be. 

“Manufacturing itself is a simple process,” Woodward concludes. “It is the positive development of people and their collective energy that is difficult.  You have to embrace it and be a part of it to manage it successfully.”

For Bruce Woodward and Penco, 99% is 1% short of “good enough.”

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