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Designing a space that includes lockers and shelving can be complicated. Ordering the correct components can be equally as challenging. At Penco, we strive to make doing business with us a top priority and as such we’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions. As always, our Sales Managers and Customer Service Representatives are always available to help. Contact a Penco Representative today!

Penco is the leading manufacturer in Lockers, Shelving and many other products. We have been manufacturing for nearly 150 years. Penco’s mission is to be every customers first choice to transform space into safe, secure and effective storage.

 Frame, all of our lockers are ordered by frame.

Quotes are generally done by either a District Sales Manager or one of our distributors. If you would like to receive a quote, any one of our customer service contacts would be happy to provide you with their contact information. You can also find the District Sales Managers contact information on our web site.  

 Generally we sell through distributors, we would get you in touch with a distributor and you would then contact them and place the order with them, they would then send an order into Penco. 

Penco has the ability to ship your order many different ways. Most of the time we send all shipments Pre-Pay and Add, meaning that we add the freight cost to your invoice. You are also able to setup your own carrier and have them bill you direct. Please note that this option is not available on all orders. Please contact Penco for details.

 When ordering lockers we often refer to them a 1 wide, 2 wide and 3 wide. What this means is simple. Each locker as you build them in groups you have chosen 1 wide, etc., will share a common division (side). 1 wide, 2 wide or 3 wide is how many frames are going to be put together in each group. Example: if you are ordering 3 lockers and you are going to build them as individual lockers putting them in three different rooms you will need to order them a three 1 wide units. There are extra charges for 1 wide and 2 wide, contact a Penco representative for details. 

Tier is a term that refers to how many openings per frame. Example: Sometimes it’s thought that when you have two openings on top of each other that it is two different lockers, in reality it is one frame, divided into two openings which we call a 2 Tier.

Yes, there is an extra charge for Penco to assemble the lockers at the factory. Please keep in mind that shipping lockers assembled will also change the freight class and will have an effect on the shipping cost. Please contact a Penco representative for details. 

No, in most cases we will not install the locks or number plates, those items are usually installed in the field by the installer. 

Welded lockers are welded together in groupings also called units or weldments. In order to provide the best size groupings needed we need to know what the layout of the room is. When deciding the grouping sizes we also have to consider not only over all width of grouping but also weight and the location where the groupings will be placed. 

Yes, you will find locker drawings on our website. Although the drawings are not for a specific locker, you will find that the drawings represent most sizes of each type of locker we sell. 

No, although the back legs are separate pieces from the locker, the front legs are an integral part of the locker frame and can not be removed unless you cut them off. 

We have a standard limited one year warranty for our manufactured products. The warranty states that our products are to be free from mechanical and manufacturing defects and Penco is not responsible for product damaged by misuse, abuse or any acts of vandalism. Warranty is also void if the finish is exposed to items such as high humidity, chlorine salts, abrasive cleaners, germicidal cleaners or acids. Please contact a Penco representative for more details. 

Yes, Penco always recommends that once lockers are installed and level, the lockers need to be properly anchored to the wall or floor or both depending on the conditions. Penco has an anchor available for purchase for your convenience or you may use your own anchors. Generally we leave the anchoring up to the installers since floor types will help determine the type of anchor that needs to be used. Please contact a Penco representative for more details. 

A group end is mostly associated with Invincible II lockers. They are the sides of the lockers that go at the end of each grouping. Group ends must be ordered with the Invincible II lockers or the lockers will not be able to be assembled properly. Please contact a Penco representative for more details. 

No, you must order touch up paint as a separate line item when you place your order. 

Each of the lock manufactures require this form to be filled out so that they have all the information needed when filling the order. It will also help them keep a complete record of who the end user is. They use this information not only for security reasons but also if they have to supply more locks to the same end user and they need to match the series number, it also helps if the control charts are lost and need to be replaced. 

Yes, in most cases, replacement parts are available for purchase. In older model lockers replacement parts may not be available. We suggest you contact a distributor or contact a Penco representative to make sure the right parts are being ordered and are still available. 

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