Tops & Finished Ends

Slope tops are often used instead of flat tops to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris, and to discourage the use of locker tops as storage areas. There are three types of slope top construction: Unit Slope Tops, Slope Hoods, and Slope Top Kits

  • Tops & Finished Ends
  • Tops & Finished Ends
  • Tops & Finished Ends
  • Tops & Finished Ends
  • Tops & Finished Ends

Unit Slope Tops
Unit Slope Tops cover the width of one locker frame only. Lockers with Unit Slope Tops have sides with mitered top ends with a rise equal to 1/3 of the locker depth, plus longer backs that meet the rear edge of the slope top. Unit slope tops are used in place of the standard flat tops. Order the appropriate locker plus the proper slope top size. Not for use on Invincible II, Welded, Stadium or Patriot lockers.

Slope Top Kits
Designed to convert stock flat top lockers into slope top lockers in groups of 3 wide. Each kit contains 3 tops, 3 backs and 4 ends. Not for use on Invincible II, Welded, Stadium or Patriot lockers.

Continuous Slope Hoods
Continuous slope hoods fit on top of flat top lockers. They can be used on new lockers or on a retrofit basis. All hoods are furnished in 72” lengths and must be cut to length during installation. Intermediate splices, ends and rear supports (2 per hood) complete the installation, and must be ordered separately.

CONTINUOUS SLOPE HOOD: Lockers shall be provided with continuous slope hoods formed from 18 gauge sheet steel with a slope that has a rise equal to 1/3 of the locker depth (18-1/2o ), plus a 1" vertical rise at the front. Tops shall be provided in lengths as long as practical. Provide slip joints without visible fasteners at splice locations. Necessary end closures shall be provided. Tops shall be finished to match lockers.

UNIT SLOPE TOPS VANGUARD AND GUARDIAN LOCKERS: Lockers shall be provided with 24 gauge individual sloping tops. Tops shall be formed to a slope which rises 1/3 of the locker depth. Tops shall be finished to match lockers.

Color NumberColor NameColor
021Gray Ash
723Light Putty
012Tawny Tan
701Spray Green
952Turquoise Teal
812Hunter Green
715Lake Blue
823Slate Blue
806Marine Blue
052Reflex Blue
822Regal Blue
058Nordic Purple
710Sagebrush Yellow
720Mandarin Orange
722Patriot Red
767Cardinal Red
848January White
949Jet Black

NOTE: Colors shown are as close to actual finishes as the printing process allows. Do not make your final color selection based on the color shade shown on this page. Penco Color Charts are available for a more accurate color match. Exposure to high humidity, chlorine salts, abrasive cleaners, germicidal cleaners and acids can damage the finish and will void the guarantee. For outdoor applications or other harsh environmental conditions, contact your Penco Representative.

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