Vanguard QuickShip lockers are stocked in two colors and are the perfect fit for employee lockers or school corridors when time is of the essence. These aren't cheap imported lockers; they are the real thing from America's leading producer of lockers, Penco.

Penco has been building lockers for decades that last for decades, and the Vanguard line is the embodiment of what it takes to withstand the daily use typically given to a locker. Vanguard QuickShip lockers in 1, 2 and 3-tier configurations all have stainless steel recessed handles. QuickShip lockers are available in 028 Gray or 073 Champagne baked powder coat enamel finish.

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  • Vanguard™

1 Tier
The most popular and widely used locker offers maximum space for full hanging of clothing and other belongings. Each locker has a convenient shelf for storage of books, hats or other small articles. Lockers 18" deep or more come with a coat rod in addition to coat hooks. Stainless steel recess handle. 

2 Tier
Accommodates twice as many people as single tier lockers in the same floor space, with enough room for most outer wear and personal belongings. Stainless steel recess handles.

3 Tier
Three doors over one another in the same floor space as a single tier locker, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings. Stainless steel recess handles.

Multiple Tier Box Lockers:  5 Tier & 6 Tier
Also known as "box lockers" for thier compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in the smallest amount of floor space. They are available in 5 and 6 tier configurations. These lockers are ideal for storage of athletic gear or employee personal storage. Each compartment can be locked with padlocks or built-in locks.

Wall Mounted Locker with Coat Rod
A practical storage unit where space is at a premium. Four private compartments with a hanging area for 16 coats. When wall mounted, the floor below is kept clear for easy cleaning (wall anchors are not included). This locker can also be set on counters or cabinets (without coat rod).

16 Person Locker
Accommodates 16 users in only 69" of floor space. Includes a 45" wide coat rod. Ideal for employee lockers. Accepts built-in locks or padlocks.


SHEET STEEL:  All parts made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel free from surface imperfection, and capable of taking a high grade enamel finish.

HINGES:  .074" thick, 2" high, double spun, full loop, tight pin, five-knuckle butt hinges, projection welded to door frame and securely fastened to the door with 2 steel rivets.  Doors over 48" high shall have three hinges, all other doors shall have two hinges.

FINISHING:  Chemically pretreat metal with a six stage cleaning phosphatizing and metal preparation process. Finish coat shall be electrostatically applied powder coat enamel properly cured to paint manufacturer specifications to achieve optimum performance. All lockers shall be painted inside and outside with the same color.

EQUIPMENT:  Coat hooks and coat rods are zinc plated.  Truss fin head bolts and hex nuts are zinc plated.


CONSTRUCTION:  Built on the unit principle - each locker shall have an individual door and frame, individual top, bottom, back and shelves with common intermediate uprights separating compartments.  Lockers shall be fabricated square, rigid and without warp.  Doors shall be flat and free of distortion.

DOOR FRAME:  All door frame members to be not less than 16 gauge formed to a channel shape.  Vertical members to have an additional flange to provide a continuous door strike.  Intermembering parts to be mortised and tenoned and electrically welded together in a rigid assembly capable of resisting strains.

Cross frame members of 16 gauge channel shapes including intermediate cross frame on double and triple tier lockers shall be securely welded to vertical framing members to ensure rigidity.

BODY:  Bolt spacing in locker body construction not to exceed 9" o.c.  All locker body components shall be made of cold rolled steel specially formed for added strength and rigidity and to ensure tight joints at fastening points.  Tops & bottoms shall be 24 gauge with three sides formed 90o and the front offset formed to be flush with the horizontal frame member.  Shelves shall be 24 gauge with four sides formed to 90o, the front edge shall have a second bend.  Backs & sides shall be 24 gauge.

DOORS:  Doors 30" or higher shall be formed from one piece 16 gauge cold rolled sheet steel.  Doors less than 12" wide shall be minimum of 18 gauge.  Formations shall consist of a full channel shape on the lock side of adequate depth to fully conceal the lock bar, channel formation on the hinge side, and right angle formations across the top and bottom.  Doors over 15" wide x 60" & 72" high shall have a 3" wide 20 gauge full height reinforcing pan welded to the inside face of the door on 6" centers.

Doors for box lockers 3, 4, 5, and 6 tier high shall have channel formations on lock and hinge side and have right angle flanges on the top and bottom.  Doors less than 15" wide shall be 18 gauge, 15" wide or wider shall be 16 gauge.  Box locker door for 3, 4, 5, and 6 openings high shall be pre-punched for padlock latch and friction catch and built-in combination and key locks.

DOOR HANDLE 1 & 2 TIER:  Handle to consist of zinc alloy die-cast case and handle.  40,000 PSI maximum tensile strength, chrome plated.  Handle to be pulled out to move up latch bar and open door in one motion.  Padlock eye for use with 9/32" diameter padlock shackle to be an integral part of handle and to be so located that extension of handle forms a padlock strike.  Attachment to latch bar shall be tamper-proof and concealed inside the door.  The case shall be kick proof type, shielding the movable part and provide a padlock strike to prevent scratching and marring the door.  A lock hole cover plate shall be provided for use with padlocks.

DOOR LATCHING 1 & 2 TIER:  Doors to have latch clip engaging the door frame at three points on doors over 42" high and two points on all other doors.  Locking device to be positive, automatic type, whereby locker door may be locked when open, then closed without unlocking.  One rubber silencer shall be firmly secured in the frame at each heavy gauge latch hook.  Latch clips shall be glass filled nylon for long life and low friction and shall hold doors shut by engaging the latch hooks.  The latch channel assembly shall be quieted by the use of unique nylon glides to reduce noise.

DOOR HANDLE & LATCHING 5 AND 6 TIER BOX LOCKERS:    Doors shall be punched for use with padlocks or built-in locks.  Doors for use with padlocks shall be equipped with an 18 gauge combination door pull, staple and lock hole cover plate with integral friction catch. 

VENTILATION:  Lockers with doors 36” to 72” high shall have two sets of louvers, one set near the top of the door and another set near the bottom of the door.  Lockers with doors 30” or less in height, shall have a minimum of one set of louvers.

NUMBER PLATES:  Each locker to be supplied with a polished aluminum number plate, 2-1/4" wide x 1" high, with black numerals not less than 3/8" high.  Number plates shall be attached to the face of the door with two aluminum rivets.

INTERIOR EQUIPMENT:  Single-tier lockers 48-1/2" or higher shall have a hat shelf located approximately 9" below the top of locker; if less than 18" deep, locker shall have three single-prong hooks and one double-prong ceiling hook.  Single tier lockers 18" or more in depth shall have a coat rod instead of a ceiling hook.  30" & 36" high lockers shall have three single-prong wall hooks and one double-prong ceiling hook.  Hooks to be attached with two bolts per hook.  20" & 24" high lockers to have three wall hooks for 12" wide, and four wall hooks for 15" wide and wider.

LOCKER ACCESSORIES:  See Locker Accessory Specifications.


BODY:  Locker shall be assembled using rivets.

ADA COMPLIANT LOCKERS:  Handicap lockers shall have recessed handles and shall be single tier or the lower opening of a double tier locker.  Locker bottom shall be a minimum of 9" off the floor, or an extra shelf placed 9" off the floor.  Single tier lockers shall have a shelf 48" off the floor.  Doors assigned for handicapped use shall have an appropriate symbol sign.


INSTALLATION:  Install metal lockers at location shown in accordance with manufacturers instructions for plumb, level, and flush installation.

ANCHOR LOCKERS to the floor and wall 36" on center or less as recommended by the manufacturer.

INSTALL SLOPING HOODS AND METAL FILLERS using concealed fasteners. Provide flush hairline joints against adjacent surfaces.

INSTALL BENCHES by fastening bench tops to pedestals and securely anchoring to the floor using appropriate anchors for the floor material.

ADJUST & CLEAN:  Adjust doors and latches to operate without binding. Verify that latches are operating satisfactorily.

TOUCH UP marred finishes with factory supplied paint.

Penco Products, Inc. reserves the right to vary specifications consistent with a policy of continuous product improvement.

Color Number Color Name Color
028 Gray  
073 Champagne  
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