January 12, 2017

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Greenville, NC – Penco Products, Inc. has announced its first recipient of the Penco Humanitarian Award.

The idea of the award originated from Penco’s President and CEO, Tom Kulikowski with the thought to annually recognize one Penco team member for their commitment to service.

The Penco Humanitarian Award acknowledges and honors a Penco Products employee who demonstrates a dedication to helping others in need, active community service, work supporting charitable causes and volunteerism. “This award demonstrates that we as a company are not only in business to satisfy customers and generate a fair profit but to serve others where we live and work.” said Tom Kulikowski, President and CEO of Penco Products, Inc.

The honoree of the 2016 Penco Humanitarian Award is Randon Summers. Randon has been with Penco Products since October 2013 and is part of the Textile Products Customer Service team.

Randon continually shows kindness, love and concern for others. Tom Kulikowski spoke, “A characteristic of humanitarians is that kindness and caring flow like water in their presence. They see opportunity where others see difficulty. That sums up Randon. I cannot think of a finer example of what this award is all about.” 

Many examples of Randon’s service to others were given to help all in attendance understand why he was selected as a most worthy recipient of the Penco Humanitarian Award, including:

  • Randon is Penco’s resident gourmet chef and has prepared many special meals for the Greenville staff. After Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of eastern North Carolina and displaced some of Penco’s employees from their homes, Randon cooked and personally delivered over 30 lbs. of food to each of the 6 families whose lives were turned upside down by the hurricane and resulting flooding.
  • Most recently, while traveling home from work about 6:00 PM Penco’s President and CEO, Tom Kulikowski, came upon an accident between a motorcycle and an automobile. Police and emergency responders had yet to arrive but he spotted someone directing traffic. It was Randon. Not only was he diverting vehicle traffic away from the accident where the motorcyclist lay in the road with a broken leg, but Randon gave the accident victim his Penco fleece jacket to keep him warm. He literally gave a stranger the coat off his back.

“I gotch’ you!” is a well-known phrase of Randon’s and can often be heard throughout the Penco office and the greater Greenville community. Randon’s reaction and response to the honor was one of shock and gratitude, “I’m honored by the recognition but I’m always inspired to assist when and where I can because I work with so many great people willing to do the same.”

An award ceremony was held on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 10:00 am EST in the Penco Greenville office where President and CEO, Tom Kulikowski, spoke and presented Randon with special recognition, including:

  • Beautiful crystal award
  • Framed certificate of recognition
  • All weather jacket with the Penco Humanitarian Award logo
  • A monetary honorarium for Randon
  • A gift in his name to the charity of Randon’s choice
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