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Industrial Manufacturing Company and Industrial Manufacturing Company International are a proud family of companies that produce a wide variety of innovative products for industry. With more than 3,500 employees and 30 worldwide manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities, we produce aircraft and aerospace ducting systems, gears, lubrication systems, steel lockers, storage systems, high-performance strainers, car and truck components, industrial hoses and industrial expansion joints.

Although each IMC and IMCI company operates independently, common to all of them is a profound respect for the integrity of established industrial principles and a practical openness to applications of new technology. With individual histories spanning decades--and in two cases more than a century--the IMC and IMCI companies are time-tested leaders in their national and global markets.

Each IMC and IMCI subsidiary strives to tailor its products and services to the wishes of its customers and each company’s success has been built on the development of enduring customer relationships. They take pride in providing not only products of consistently high quality, but also in flexible and responsive service and in realistically competitive prices.

IMC and IMCI will continue to expand their present holdings through investment in new manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. They will also grow through carefully selected acquisitions while maintaining an exceptionally sound financial base.

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Our Location

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